Scrapers and Ploughs at Gordon Plant

We offer a wide range of scrapers and ploughs at Gordon Plant.
For example the hydraulically operated corn pusher that is used to level the surface of the maize heap and to push it into higher batches. The device is adapted to be mounted on a three-point tractor suspension system. By changing the mounting plate, the device can be adapted to other types of mounting. The arms of the machine are controlled hydraulically - the folded device has a transport width of about 3 m. The side arms are fully independently folded to an angle of 90 degrees both forward and backward. The use of a double-sided, exchangeable blade enables the machine to be used for pushing as well as for pulling the corn mass. The hydraulic corn bulldozer significantly speeds up the work associated with the preparation of silage.

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Hydraulic corn dozer


Hydraulic plow

Manure scraper

Corn Dip

Mini hydraulic plow