Front Loaders at Gordon Plant

The front loader is an agricultural machine mounted to the frame of a tractor. The machine is used in loading and unloading or as a means of transporting such materials as sand, gravel, mineral fertilizers, lime, manure, beets, potatoes, straw or hay. Our front loaders can also be used for a range of purposes.
Our front loaders can be used for most tractors offered on the market and are applicable in every farm. For all models, it is possible to select high-class grippers, spoons, forks and various types of equipment necessary for each farm.

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IT 320 loader


IT 2600 PLUS loader

IT 1300 loader

IT 1600 loader

IT 1600 S loader

IT 1600 L loader

Front linkage TUZ ITFL 1600



Front linkage TUZ ITFL 1600

Front linkage

The front linkage is a front linkage with a three-point suspension system used in agricultural tractors to aggregate machines and devices suspended on a hydraulic linkage. This arrangement allows the tools to be lifted to the transport position and adjusted to the working position. The tools are connected to the tractor at three points on two hydraulically lifted lower beams with a central connector. Ball joints located in the beams and the central connector allow tool movement in all directions. A hydraulic distributor is used to control the three-point linkage.

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