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Gordon Plant & Agri Sales are specialists in farming and agricultural machinery who have traded for over a decade, we specialise in the sale and service of quality cultivation machinery for the Irish farmer.

Irish agricultural requirements are constantly changing and the demand for quality products and services continues to increase. Gordon Plant & Agri Sales strive to ensure the availability of the very best machines to meet your changing agricultural demands. Gordon Plant & Agri Sales is dedicated to serving the agricultural sector with quality products, parts and service.

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The front loader is an agricultural machine mounted to the frame of an agricultural tractor. The machine is used in loading and unloading means of transport such materials as sand, gravel, mineral fertilizers, lime, manure, beets, potatoes, straw or hay. The loader can also be used for transport purposes. Inter-tech front loaders can be used for most tractors on the market and are applicable in every farm. For all models, it is possible to select high-class grippers, spoons, forks and various types of equipment necessary for each farm

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